Don’t simply attend Beyond 2020 – get involved! This is your opportunity to share your experiences and ideas with fellow Zone 3 young adults. So don’t hold back, lets share and inspire each other on our journey to Sai.

There are a number of ways you can get involved with something for everyone. So take your pick and submit your applications today.


If you love TED Talks™ and feel like you have an idea worth spreading, then the Beyond 2020 SaiX segment is for you! For this segment, we are looking for dynamic and engaging speakers to share their “SAIdeas” in any of the following topics:

  • Projects that you have implemented that embody Sai’s teachings, and your lessons gained from these
  • Your stories of morality, spirituality, or humanity that have a practical or tangible outcome/lesson
  • Concepts or ideas that you believe will help the Sai Organisation and/or our Young Adults into the future/beyond2020.
  • Apply: If this sounds like you, simply email a written submission of 250-300 words detailing your idea. Please note the sessions will be between 2-6 minutes long.

    Submissions close: 22 January 2018


    Who doesn’t love a good ol’ exhibition? They’re a fun and informal way to share and present great ideas and experiences with the aid of pictures, videos and much more. So why not set up your very own exhibition at Beyond 2020 and take the opportunity to share with other Sai young adults what you have done, learned, or aspire to achieve in your city/state.

    Exhibitions can be based around any of the following:

  • Effective practices or strategies for promotion and development of project ideas
  • Subjective experiences of successes and challenges
  • Outcomes from past or current projects
  • Proposals for future opportunities (e.g. enhancing general well-being; promoting environmental change; improving service delivery).
  • Apply: If you’re interested in setting up an exhibition, simply email a written submission of 250-300 words detailing your exhibition idea. Your exhibition can include posters, models and videos.

    Submissions close: 22 January 2018

    The Sai Pitch

    Calling all video enthusiasts! This is your chance to use your video-creating talents to showcase your Sai ideas and inspire other young adults.
    Your challenge is to create a short video advertisement marketing one of the five human values or sub values (e.g. gratitude, forgiveness), which will be broadcast at the Beyond 2020 festival!

    Video specifications:
    Duration: 1 minute (+/- 20 sec)
    Target Audience: General public
    Format: Mp4

    Apply: If you accept the challenge, go ahead and get those creative juices flowing and submit your video via email.

    Submissions close: 22 January 2018

    Be an MC/Emcee (aka a Master of Ceremonies)

    Are you a budding MC with super hosting skills? If so, then Beyond 2020 is your chance to make your mark! We are looking for multiple MCs from around Zone 3 to take on hosting duties during the festival.

    Apply: If this sounds like you, show us your MC skills by submitting an audition video of yourself ‘MCing’ (approx. 1 minute long) via email.

    Submissions close: 15 January 2018