The Beyond 2020 festival is an opportunity for the young adults of Zone 3 to unite, beyond our geographical boundaries and reflect on how far we have come in our journey with Sai, where we are now, and how we can come together, to carry Swami’s mission into the future.

IGNITE theme

The overarching theme throughout the festival will be IGNITE, which will be reflected in all the planned activities and sessions.

To IGNITE is to unify, to inspire to action, to grow closer, grow brighter, to join forces to create that spark of initiative that will carry Swami’s mission forward. Swami has spoken of his high hopes for us as the future leaders of his mission.

Our zone encompasses different backgrounds, cultures and faiths. To IGNITE is to bring these together for a common goal: Swami’s mission of Love. Unity in Diversity, IGNITE together.

Activities and sessions will be focussing on the three sub-themes of: Morality, Spirituality and Humanity.


Here are just some of the inspirational and exciting activities you can expect at Beyond 2020:

  • Traditional Maori welcome to kick start the festival*
  • The IGNITE: Ember Games*
  • Morning addresses and bedtime stories with guest speakers
  • Nature walks with the beautiful backdrop of natural New Zealand to start your day
  • Sai Symphony musical journey
  • Daily Devotional singing in different languages from all around the zone
  • Unique presentations from each country where you will learn about service projects and Sai activities happening in our zone
  • IGNITE Sparkzone exhibitions about major projects in our zone and internationally
  • SaiX speakers sharing Saideas in a TedX style event
  • Workshops for everyone to benefit, about Morality, Spirituality
  • The Battle of Sosaites World Religions Game show
  • Having YOUR questions answered by our guest speakers in our Q+A panel
  • Resolutions created by YOU in our B2020 Ideas forum

Registrations will commence at 2.00 pm on Friday, 30 March 2018.

*These items are scheduled for the first day of the festival (Friday, 30 March), so please do book your flights using the suggested flight times to ensure you don’t miss out!

Download a copy of the program